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We live in an age where technology drives our society forward, where information is available to use through our smartphones, tablets, and computers at all times. What that means for a business is that you have the ability to interact with customers in a way that was impossible in the past. But that also means that there is a lot of competition out there. In the past if you needed to find out information about a business you would probably open up a phone book and look for businesses that could handle your needs. Or maybe you would ask a friend for a recommendation.Today people don’t do this anymore, instead they do their own research and make their own decisions. Why wouldn’t they do this? Anybody can go online and look for information about any company, and most of the time when they do this they turn to Google.

Did you know that about 60% of clicks on a search engine result are made on the first three results that come up? So let’s say you are a plumber for example, if you don’t appear near the top of the search engine results then you are losing out on a lot of potential business. While not being in the top 3 results is bad if you aren’t on the first page then you’ll be lucky to get any business at all.

So what is search engine optimization, better known as SEO? SEO has two different facets. Onsite and Offsite. Onsite involves making sure that the code on your pages is formatted correctly, as well as optimizing the internal linking structure to allow the flow of authority from page to page. If you don't yet have a website or know if your website is seo friendly then check out this article about our Website Development Services. Offsite SEO involves using a specific type of formatting and backlinks in order to get the attention of Google. When you have the text formatted in the right way, and you have backlinks that connect your site to others, you will end up with a higher ranking in the search engine results. For anyone that doesn’t know, a backlink is a link from another site that directs people to your site. If you aren't sure

To summarize your company needs to be at the top of Google's search engine results if you want to get noticed. That means that you are going to need to be associated with as many keywords related to your niche as possible. When you realize that hiring a digital marketing agency is the best way to promote your business and help it to grow and thrive your next call should be to ProdigiNET. They understand the industry, and they will work tirelessly to help you to get the results that you want and need.

Everyone Keeps Saying That SEO Is Dead Is That Really True?

As of 2015 organic search engine results are still the single biggest and most important source of traffic that are sent to websites. As long as this remains true, and there are no signs of it ending anytime soon, SEO will remain a vitally important piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Did you know that there are currently over 3 billion people that have access to the internet? 3 billion people. With so many people online every responsible forward looking business should be investing a good portion of their budget into digital marketing. By using a digital marketing service to help push your website toward the top of search engine results you can help to capture as many of those 3 billion people as possible.

When it comes to ranking well in search engine results keywords are the most important factor you need to take into consideration. What you need to keep in mind is that when someone goes online looking for a certain type of business there's a good chance they have never even heard of your business. Instead they are looking to have a specific need met, so they go to Google or some other search engine and look for keywords related to what they are looking for. That's why having as many keywords related to your niche ranked by Google is so important, because it exposes you to potential customers that you would not normally ever be in contact with. So why would people be out there spreading the lie that SEO is dead? Maybe they are doing it to misdirect people into believing that SEO is not important so they will abandon it's use for their own marketing. Maybe they are hoping to ensure the success of their clients by lessening the number of competitors that are out there.

This is a great case study on one of the new google ranking factors !

Quick And Helpful Facts About SEO

1. According to Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012, up to [email protected]% of internet users buy products online.2. According to the same source 44% of shoppers start out by using a search engine to find what they are looking for.3. According to Comscore, January 2010, globally there are over 131 billion search engine searches conducted each month.4. According to Nielson, 2009, 57% of people who are watching television do so while they are also using the internet.5. According to Market Sherpa, February 2007, 70% of links searched are organic, naturally occurring ones and are not the result of paid ads.6. According to the same source roughly 60% of the clicks on search engine results go to the top 3 results.7. According to, February 2007, over 75% of internet users never go past the first page of results in a search.8. According to Convario, January 2011, the average click through rate for a paid search was only 2%.9. According to Hubspot State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report, 2010, companies that run a blog have 97% more inbound links.10. According to the same source businesses with 401 to 1000 pages get 6 times more leads than those in the 51 to 100 page range.

Are Our SEO Practices Safe?

Anyone interested in any type of online marketing has probably heard the various horror stories out there about SEO agencies using tactics that are forbidden, which results in a website being penalized. This can cause you to lose all of your rankings, which will cause the exact opposite effect to what you were hoping for to happen.

What you have to remember is that Google controls their own algorithm, which means that nobody can predict with absolute certainty how Google will choose to rank a website. With that being said we are proud to announce that we have spent an extensive amount of time studying and learning about Google's algorithm, so we feel confident when we say that we can help to improve the ranking of your website. In fact we are so dedicated to understanding how Google works that we invest tens of thousands of dollars each year into research related to them.

One thing that we feel really helps us to stand out from the crowd regarding the other companies that try to compete with us is our commitment to our customers. Without our customers we wouldn't be here, which means that they are by far the most valuable asset that we have. In order to make sure that we show our customers how much we value them we work tirelessly to help them get the ranking that they want, and do so in a way that complies with all of Google's guidelines and policies. We use anchor text and content outreach in order to build "natural" links instead of using paid ads. We also make it a point to avoid any automated software that will send thousands of potentially dangerous links to your site. While this method worked well in the past, Google has long since gotten wise to this tactic making it ineffective today. Not only is this method ineffective, it can also cause your site to be severely penalized by Google, penalties that could ultimately cripple it forever.

How Much Is It Going To Cost To Hire A Professional Company To Handle Your SEO Needs?

Obviously money is an important factor to take into consideration whenever you are thinking about investing in anything related to your business. So how much should SEO marketing cost your company? Well that's a difficult question to answer. For example if you were to go out and buy a car you could go as cheap as possible and buy a beat up old car that will get you from point A to point B. Or if you want a nicer car, with more features, better reliability, and a better overall experience you will end up spending considerably more.

Always remember that you get what you pay for, and when it comes to SEO that also holds true. There will be a lot of companies out there that will try to sell you on paying them $99 a month, or even $499 a month for their services. They will tell you these fantastic claims about how they will drive traffic to your site and you will see a huge uptick in revenue. Well unfortunately when things sound too good to be true they usually are, and that's true in this case as well. A good SEO company is not going to be cheap. In order to succeed as an SEO marketing company it takes an experienced team that understands how to find and obtain links. The thing you have to remember is that obtaining these links costs money, which will add to the cost of the service they are providing for you. It also takes a lot of time to ensure that these links are used the right way. So any company that is offering you a cheap price likely won't be spending money on these links, and they also likely won't be spending enough time helping to make sure that whatever they are doing for your site is done the right way. So what happens if an SEO company doesn't do things the right way for you? Well you may see an uptick in traffic at first, or you may not. But ultimately you will likely end up being penalized by Google, which will drive your traffic down. This in turn will cost your business money, and will also allow the competition to get ahead of you while you are penalized.

Whether you decide to choose to do business with us, or choose another SEO company, we would urge you to make sure that you don't jeopardize the future of your site by using a cheap SEO company. Once the damage has been done to your site it is incredibly difficult to undo, and the effects can last for a very long time. What a lot of business owners don't realize is that the cost of an expense is not as important as the net effect it has for your business. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on SEO marketing in a vacuum that sounds like a lot of money. But if that money you spent ended up generating you two or three times what you spent, then suddenly that expense starts to look like a wise investment. Having a lot of traffic come to your site is great, but it's ultimately meaningless if those visitors don't convert and become a source of revenue for you. Here at Serpshake we take tremendous pride in making certain that the SEO campaigns we devise for our customers end up earning them as much profit as possible.

So What Comes Next?

Now that you have learned a little bit about SEO, and how it is still a relevant and driving force in the world of online marketing, you are probably wondering what should come next for you. If you are looking for SEO in Orange county then the first thing you should do is realize that you are making a very important decision, and you shouldn't rush it. You should take your time and do some research and look at exactly what you are going to be paying for. Don't let the prospect of a higher up front bill deter you since that higher up front bill will look like a great investment once you start turning a profit. The online marketplace provides for an unprecedented amount of opportunity, but it also presents obstacles to you in the form of a lot of competition. If you want to give your business the best chance to succeed, then you are going to need a professional SEO company to help you. When the time comes to pick that company we hope you will look at our track record and realize all that we can do for you.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first step into creating a comprehensive SEO strategy that can drastically increase the traffic to your site and your organic rankings. Identifying your tier 1 and tier 2 keywords gives you a road map toward your future success.

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Keyword Research

On page optimization is the process of ensuring that your on page SEO factors are aligned with best practices. Things to consider are : keyword density, optimized meta content, internal linking strategy.

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Link Building

Once you have identified your target keywords, and optimized your pages for those keywords then the real work starts. Now we start to build a diverse back link profile that will help your site to rank and avoid over optimization penalites.

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